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AA UNI RWANDA LTD is an IT firm that provides high quality on-site services for software development and the end users on a broad range of hardware and software platforms and latest technologies. It also provides expertise in search marketing solutions for businesses worldwide, including web hosting and designing, ICT maintenance contract, ICT Audits, HR and Payroll Solution, and software for hotel management, hospital management, warehouse management, and fixed assets management. We cater to the higher education market, including colleges, universities, and professional educational institutions.

Established in 2012, AA UNI RWANDA LTD has a rich history of innovation, expansion and growth. Since its inception, the emphasis was always on continuous R&D and team work to ensure that products delivered are feature-rich and are based on state-of-the-art technologies.

In 2013, we successfully received certification from Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) for supplying Electronic Billing Machines to taxpayers manufactured by Geneko- Serbia. Today we have around 4,200+ taxpayers in Rwanda using our EBMs grabbing us 30% of market share.

Keeping our customers happy is key to helping them succeed through technology. Our customers regularly comment on the speed of our response, the patience of our staff, the fact we communicate and keep you in the loop, and when our staffs go above and beyond expectations.

www.seek-uni.com is the first and the only Local Search engine in Rwanda that provides local search related services to users across Rwanda through multiple platforms such as website, and mobile website. We also connect our users to housekeeping services which consist of Plumbers, Electricians, and Carpenters. We also connect our users to tutors, photographers, yoga trainer, and many more. Be it getting a plumbing job done, improving your fitness through yoga, learning to play the guitar, decorating your home or getting candid photos of your wedding clicked, we are a sure shot destination for your service needs. We provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users. Our network drives new business to small local businesses every second of every day. We are easy to join and give significant value to small businesses. Add your business today and see the benefits of being part of our growing network. Our Content guidelines are built in strict compliance with local publishing laws for each of our regional websites, as well as with close reference to Google’s Prohibited Content policies.

If you own a business, large or small, or if you're a service professional, www.seek-uni.com is a must-list location.


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